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Vitascreen and Medicross Group GmbH operate together in the field of services for micronutrient analyses and intolerance tests. Medicross Group GmbH was founded several years ago, and now Vitascreen has been established as a subsidiary.

Already many years ago, various reports and studies pointed out that people will suffer more and more from nutrient deficiencies. But why? The consumption of industrially produced food and the pollution caused by various environmental poisons are constantly increasing. These harmful factors cause a number of unpleasant symptoms in our body and generally put it under great stress. For us as human beings it is therefore essential to find out about physical deficiencies and burdens so that a starting point for individual therapies can be established.

These societal problems were the reason for us to look for a suitable measuring method to detect nutrient deficiencies and intolerances. After many years of research, we found out to what extent human hair and nails can be analyzed with precise measuring methods. This forward-looking method has allowed us for some time now to perform exact analyses of the body’s nutrient deposits.

With the help of state-of-the-art methods in our laboratory, we are able to measure individual micronutrient requirements and intolerances of people, dogs, cats, and horses. All we need is a small sample of hair/nail or fur. Our non-invasive measuring methods allow us to test for hundreds of substances.

The useful information on micronutrients and intolerances that we provide together with the results will tell you how you can improve your lifestyle. With the help of the analysis, you can take the appropriate supplements, for example, and rebalance your own body. Our results also tell you which foods or non-food elements you should rather avoid.

We aim to support you in increasing your physical well-being in the best possible way!