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How will I receive the test kit?
To protect the environment, we refrain from sending packages with test kits. Once you have activated your test online and have completed the questionnaire on our website, you’ll need to take a hair/nail sample. Then you put the sample and the printed questionnaire in an envelope and send it to us. By reducing the number of letters sent, we protect the environment from excessive paper and CO2 pollution.
Can I also purchase the test in a regular store?
For a start, our tests will be available at selected fitness studios. We’ll let you know you about the locations once the information is available to us.
How is the test carried out?
Our tests are performed with a medical device that is certified according to ISO EN 13485. The Vitascreen process used is not the same as laboratory diagnostics. Instead, the laboratory carries out a quantum physical comparison. Like homeopathy, acupuncture and other methods of special therapeutic approaches, our method of analysis also belongs to the field of complementary medicine. Our method is recognized as a proven diagnostic method within the field of special therapeutic approaches. In orthodox medicine and its scientific research, however, our method of analysis is not recognized.
What insights do the micronutrient analyses and the intolerance tests give me?
The micronutrient analyses indicate possible micronutrient deficiencies. Such deficiencies can cause certain symptoms that you may suffer from on a daily basis.

The intolerance tests tell you whether your body is unable to process certain foods and other non-food substances. Intolerances can also cause unpleasant symptoms.

What are micronutrients and what do I need them for?
Micronutrients include vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. These nutrients support vital functions in the body. Vitamins (B12, C, D3, etc.)  are essential for growth, metabolism, the blood, skin, and vision. Minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc.) have an effect on the energy metabolism, the nervous system, and the regulation of blood sugar in the human body. Trace elements (iron, selenium, zinc, fluorine, iodine etc.) have a positive impact on the metabolic processes as well as on the muscles, for example.

Insufficient intake of these nutrients can lead to deficiency symptoms such as dry skin, headaches, circulatory problems, hair loss, etc. The body only needs very small quantities of micronutrients, but for that reason, we should generally avoid an unbalanced diet. If you cannot take in enough micronutrients with your diet, you should cover your requirements with appropriate supplements.

Can everyone get tested for micronutrients and intolerances?
Our tests and analyses are suitable for everyone: children, adults, and elderly people. As the tests are non-invasive, the hair and nails of both children and adults can be tested.

Do I have to consider anything special before I get tested? (no intake of medications or similar)
No, it is not necessary to discontinue medication etc. beforehand. The various tests analyze your body regardless of medication or supplements taken.
Is it possible to suffer from micronutrient deficiencies despite a healthy diet?
Yes, that is generally possible. Depending on your diet (vegetarian, vegan, etc.), it is possible that despite eating healthy, not all micronutrients you need can be absorbed. Vegetarians, for example, often suffer from iron deficiency. Another factor is that vitamins, for example, are only fully contained in freshly harvested, ripe fruit and vegetables. Some foods lose their vitamin content during transport, storage, and cooking.
Which pets can get tested?
Our micronutrient analyses and intolerance tests are suitable for dogs, cats, and horses.
How will I receive my results?
You will receive the result by email within 14 days after we have received your sample. This guarantees a quick and environmentally friendly delivery. To be on the safe side, please always keep an eye on your spam folder during this period.
What will the results look like and how accurate are they?
For us, it is important that the result of your personal analysis is self-explanatory and presented in detail. We therefore present the results in an easily understandable way, so that you can individually adjust your diet and other daily habits. From the results, you can see exactly what micronutrient deficiencies your body suffers from, so that you can subsequently take supplements, for example. In addition, you will receive useful information about the various micronutrients, such as the corresponding nutrient group, their occurrence in foods, and possible symptoms of a deficiency. Information about interactions with other nutrients and the effects of the nutrients can be requested separately. Feedback from our customers shows that the results of the various tests provide very precise information about existing intolerances and micronutrient deficiencies. Our micronutrient analyses determine the individual requirements of the respective elements in percent. In results of the Vitascreen intolerance tests, all parameters are hidden that have not reacted beyond the threshold value, which leads to clear results.
Should I show the results to my doctor?
If you are suffering from a serious illness or have severe symptoms, you should always consult a physician, as our tests are not an alternative to professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For minor deficiency symptoms, however, it is not absolutely necessary to consult a physician separately.
Who should pay particular attention to their micronutrient status?
•    People who do a lot of sports, are chronically ill or smoke
•    Menopausal as well as pregnant women
•    Women and men with a desire to have children
•    People vulnerable to diseases and elderly people
•    Growing children
•    People taking medication on a regular basis and those suffering from skin problems

Where can I buy the most suitable supplements?
Depending on your budget and desired quality, you can purchase your supplements either in drugstores, in pharmacies, or online.
Who needs an extra dose of micronutrients?
✓ Athletes
✓ Chronically sick people
✓ Constantly stressed people
✓ Smokers
✓ People vulnerable to infections
✓ Menopausal women
✓ Growing children
✓ Elderly people
✓ Pregnant women
✓ Women and men with the desire to have children
✓ People who regularly take medication (including contraceptive pills)
✓ For healthy aging
✓ Against skin problems (acne, psoriasis)