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Do you suffer from certain physical complaints? Then Vitascreen is exactly what you need! Because the Vitascreen tests for home use support your vitality and well-being.

We offer various tests to help you find out more about your own body. For example, you can easily select the test that suits you best based on known symptoms. Do you suffer from stomach cramps, headaches, or sleep disorders? In our shop you will find the right test for each of the three problems—and for other symptoms as well!

Vitascreen also offers a Beauty Test and a Micronutrient Analysis. The latter is of particular interest to those who do sports. The analysis tells you which supplements your body needs and which you don’t need to take.

A few days, weeks, or months after the tests—after you have adjusted your lifestyle according to the results—you will notice the physical improvement! As our various self-tests for home use help you understand your body and support it successfully, your complaints will decrease from day to day.