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In addition to macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein), a healthy body also needs sufficient micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) to function properly. Because micronutrients have an influence on our metabolism and our cells, they are essential for the basic functions of our body. For example, cell growth plays a decisive role in the renewal of skin, bones, muscles, and blood cells.

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When your body is not supplied with a sufficient quantity of micronutrients, the entire metabolism may be affected. Headaches, physical weakness, lack of concentration, skin problems, susceptibility to stress—all these and other complaints may be symptoms of a deficiency. That is why it is important for your body to learn about micronutrients and to find out your individual micronutrient status.

This state-of-the-art analysis from Vitascreen tests all 71 micronutrients and tells you how much of each micronutrient your body needs—quickly and easily by email. With the help of the results, it is possible to adjust your diet with foods rich in micronutrients or with supplements. The results may even show that you can stop taking certain supplements because you already consume a sufficient quantity through your diet.

With Vitascreen to more vitality!
Thanks to the Vitascreen test results, personal lifestyle habits can be modified. The innovative test thus helps to provide you with…
… more energy and, at the same time, less stress in daily life
… a restful sleep and a stronger immune system
… a good physical feeling and better cognitive abilities
… more beautiful skin and stronger hair and nails

Alpha-Liponsäure L-Carnitin Quercetin
Beta-Carotin L-Citrullin Resveratrol
Bromelain L-Cystein SAMe
Calcium L-Glutamin Selen
Cholin L-Histidin Taurin
Chrom L-Isoleucin Tyrosinase
Coenzym Q10 L-Leucin Vit A
D-Ribose L-Lysin Vit B1
Eisen L-Methionin Vit B10
FP DETOX* L-Ornithin Vit B12
FP HCYST* L-Phenylalanin Vit B15
FP Probiotika L-Serin Vit B3
GABA L-Theanin Vit B5
Glutathion L-Threonin Vit B6
Glycin L-Tryptophan Vit B7
Inositol L-Tyrosin Vit B9
Kalium L-Valin Vit C
Kreatin Lutein Vit D
Kupfer Magnesium Vit E
L-Alanin Mangan Vit K2
L-Arginin Papain Zink
L-Asparagin Pepsin

For us it, is important that the result of your personal analysis is self-explanatory and presented in detail. We therefore present the results in an easily understandable way, so that you can individually adjust your diet and other daily habits. This means that you do not necessarily need to see a doctor. From the results, you can see exactly what micronutrient deficiencies your body suffers from, so that you can subsequently take supplements, for example. In addition, you will receive useful information about the various micronutrients, such as the corresponding nutrient group, their occurrence in foods, and possible symptoms of a deficiency. Information about interactions with other nutrients and the effects of the nutrients can be requested separately.

The Vitascreen process used is not the same as laboratory diagnostics. Instead, the laboratory carries out a quantum physical comparison. Like homeopathy, acupuncture and other methods of special therapeutic approaches, our method of analysis also belongs to the field of complementary medicine. Our method is recognized as a proven diagnostic method within the field of special therapeutic approaches. In orthodox medicine and its scientific research, however, our method of analysis is not recognized.

The Vitascreen micronutrient analyses test exclusively for the requirement of the respective element in percent (stress parameters are excluded). In your results of the Vitascreen intolerance tests, all parameters are hidden that have not reacted beyond the threshold value. This allows us to present your result in a way that is easily comprehensible. It is not possible to view the complete list of parameters.


The Vitascreen micronutrient analyses/intolerance tests are not medical products. All customers are fully responsible for themselves and their actions. No liability is assumed for economic or personal damage. The Vitascreen micronutrient analyses/incompatibility tests do not replace a medical diagnosis by a doctor or alternative practitioner, and therefore do not constitute a complete replacement for medical treatment. Medical diagnoses may only be made by physicians.

If you experience a medical emergency, please call your physician or the emergency number immediately!

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